Megan Hess Iconic Book Launch Sydney

October 06, 2018

Megan Hess Iconic Book Launch Sydney

Worth the Wait!

Three little words to describe how very excited we were to be in attendance at Megan Hess’ latest book launch, Iconic – The Masters of Italian Fashion. Megan’s latest book features over 100 illustrations of ten famous iconic Italian designers such as Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Missoni, Prada, Miu Miu, Gucci, Versace, Emilio Pucci and Valentino.

The evening started with champagne and casual conversations amongst fans at Harry Hartog in Bondi, a beautiful store with books and gifts from floor to ceiling, a truly wonderful place to host the event (though I do think a microphone could’ve helped Megan’s soft voice project to the back of the room).

Interviewing Megan was the lovely Rachel Sharp, Fashion News Director for Grazia magazine, who interviewed Megan brilliantly and gave the audience a window into Megan’s life and background fans haven’t seen or heard before.

Megan Hess and Rachel Sharp

About the Book

Megan introduces her readers to the iconic status Italian fashion designers hold with their unique sense of style being bold, glamourous and captivating giving people something to talk about with their designs. It is these three features that are considered the winning trifecta for Italian fashion houses to reach iconic status.

The book pays homage to ten iconic Italian fashion labels that have stood the test of time and their journey to success over the decades they’ve been in business. Illustrations in this book detail the rich history and incredible collections that unique story behind each garment.

One of the great things about fashion from labels such as the ten featured designers in the book, is their adoration for women dressing them with love and pride and bringing the beauty and confidence from within each individual woman complementing them with their style.

The book is not only beautiful full of Megan Hess’ talented illustrations, but is a very interesting read on the fashion houses long and winding road to success, establishing their brand and style, keeping with family tradition with decades of family members taking over the label such as the five Fendi sisters taking over their mother’s legacy or Valentino getting his first break in fashion from his aunt. Everyone has a story and Megan showcases their story beautifully through her art.

Megan Hess signed Iconic Book

Win a Signed Copy of Megan Hess’ Paris

As we chatted over our book signing of Megan’s latest book, we had a conversation about The Gift Edit and how our From Paris with Love box was one of our most popular gift box with her Paris: Through a Fashion Eye book.

She was very pleased to hear and signed one of our Paris books to be given away to one of our subscribers.

If you would like to win our most popular gift box with a  signed copy of Megan Hess’ Paris book, visit our promo page for details on how to enter.

Megan Hess Signed Paris Book flat Lay

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